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Anonymous Asked: I want to slowly kiss and nibble my way down your thighs, running my fingers along the tender skin, as I come to your sweet pussy. I want to flick and tease, My tongue going deeper and deeper into you , sliding against your clit and running in small circles around it. I want to taste your loveliness as I feel you shiver at my touch.

That’s a way to make a girl wet!

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Make her leak on you.

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I’m pretty sure I reblog this every time I see it


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Anonymous Asked: would you get with a girl? ;) ive always wanted to try! ps your blog makes me so wet mmm 👌

Idk if I could reciprocate

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Anonymous Asked: I miss you posting sexy pictures and audios you are so damn sexy

Aw I’m sorry!!

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it feels like forever since anyone submited anything to me…..

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young-steve Asked: Where you from. I'm from Cali.

Southernmost point in da USA

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Anonymous Asked: We want some good pics of you!

Lololol no

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